Core R&D Three major surface treatments

Van Gogh Series

Patented Super Sensitive Wood Grain Core Technology.
Gaodeng is the maker of wood grain standard, the third generation of super-sensitive wood grain surface with true texture, solid, gentle and durability.

  • Basswood Of North America

  • Brazilian Teak

  • Ultra-Sensitive Ebony

  • Classical Gold Oak

  • Grey Oak


Porsche Series

From Austria TIGER's Top Powder Brand.
The only top-level surface treatment process for aluminum profiles created jointly with Gaodeng

  • Khaki Brown

  • Carbon Black

  • Super White

  • Olive Champagne

  • Khaki Brown


Luxury Series

The paint is imported from Japan and has a delicate and silky surface.
Touch without leaving marks, even without blistering, soft without dazzling

  • Platinum Light Gold

  • Fuji White

  • Volcanic Rock

  • Knight Blue

  • Mica Black

Golden Aluminum

Aiming at different climatic environments in China, we have developed aluminum alloy door and window systems suitable for different regions. We are committed to providing personalized door and window solutions for residential and commercial buildings and providing comfortable living environment for users.

  • Building Profile

  • Industrial Profile

  • Building Profile

Golden | yiJiangnan
Retro Space System Solution

Architect Wright said,Wood is the most humane material in the 20th century.The Chinese people's feelings towards wood,has been passed down for thousands of years and has gone deep into the blood.

Golden Outdoor System Solution

Guangdong Golden Aluminum Group has adopted the industry-leading ultra-sensitive wood grain surface treatment technology to produce outdoor products with various colors and practical values. Innovation-driven development, focusing on home improvement aluminum doers; To create a living environment of "replacing wood with aluminum", to protect the ecology and to continue people's feelings towards "wood"

Golden Aluminum Ladder
International High-End Aluminum Ladder Brand

Golden guarantees the international quality of each aluminum ladder and pursues zero complaints from consumers, which is the primary survival policy of the company, and has passed many international tests and certifications. It is the drafting unit of the national standard for aluminum ladders.

About us GOLDEN


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